The executive committee, comprising of the officers of the association plus the chairmen of the sub committees, together they ensure the efficiency of the full committee and delegates. It is made up of the executive officers that are elected into their positions by the affiliated clubs of WEARA. The committee serves to resolve any disputes and sits as a result of a controversy.

V J (Jane) Perry


The newly elected WEARA president, an active member of Paignton Amateur Rowing Club takes on the role for 2022.

Rob Harris


Rob became WEARA chairman in 2017. He is a member of Paignton ARC and is the youngest chairman in the association’s history. He still rows competitively and has a great passion for the history of WEARA and maintaining it’s heritage.

Bob Board


Bob has been the secretary of WEARA since the year 2000. He is a member of Exmouth Rowing Club and still gets out for the occasional row.

Andrea Worley

Hon. Treasurer

Peter Atkinson

Registration Secretary

Richard Cudmore

Regatta Secretaries

Karen Brice

Compliance Officer

Dave Godfrey

Public Relations Officer

Dave Reeby

President Elect

Andy Cox

Rowing Safety Advisor

Kevin Dentith

Umpires Panel


Alastair Barr

K W Hearn

George Cox

Nick Hearn

Jon Lamont

Yorkie Lomas

Tess Preston

Luis Wilkins

Niel Pennington

Justin Smallwood

Shelly Atkins

Harry Nottley

Kevin Sellar

Carole Atkinson

Steve Maw

Joe O’Connor

Sue O’Connor

Stuart Williams


Nigel Willmington

Andrea Worley

Mike Lister

Steve Gibson

Alastair Barr

Umpires Panel

David Woods

Ray Mallett

Martin Stentiford

Keith Dentith

Lisa Cocks