WEARA Annual Dinner and Awards

Hosted by the Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club

Saturday 21st October 2017

Venue: Elite Suite, 6.30pm - 1.00am

Ticket price: £25/each
Meet in Bar: 6.30pm
Sit down for hot buffet dinner: 7.00pm, followed by Chef’s mixed desserts; tea/coffee ***
WEARA Presentations & Speeches: 8.00pm
Dancing: 9.00pm - 11.30pm - Cloughed to Bits **** followed by ‘Club Disco’
Carriages: 1.00am *****

*** Hot buffet dinner: Chicken Curry, Chilli Con Carne, Beef Stroganoff, jacket pots, rice, popadums and chutney. Chef’s mixed desserts: Cheesecake Squares , Dark Chocolate & Macadamia Nut Brownie Bites. Guests to advise of any special dietary requirements. Guests can pre-order wine starting from £15/bottle.
**** www.choughedtobits.co.uk
**** Room rate - single @ £90; double @ £105; triple @ £125 which includes breakfast + full use of spa facilities on the day of booking and check out. Rooms can be booked directly with the venue making reference to the MORC/WEARA Dinner & Dance to attract the corporate rate. Book early to avoid disappointment!

Process for purchasing tickets for this event

The sale of tickets has been limited to 200 guests at a price of £25/each. All guests will need to have purchased a ticket before Saturday, 30th September 2017 from MORC. Tickets may be purchased after this date at the discretion of MORC and the venue only.

Requests for tickets can be made by
Email: secretary.morc@hotmail.co.uk
Post: c/o Sally Williams, Flat 28 Azure, 55 Cliff Road, Plymouth PL1 2PE
Phone: c/o Sally Williams, 07957 543 168

Payment for the tickets can be made by
Cheque: made out to ‘Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club’ and posted to address above.
Transfer to Barclays Bank Plc: Account Name - Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club; Sort code - 20-68-10; Account no - 0327 8069

It is recommended that payment is followed up by an email (as above) making a clear reference to the name of the guest/s and contact details. This will enable payments to be reconciled and tickets to be allocated and issued to guests.

Alternative Accommodation

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Things to do in Plymouth

The WEARA autumn delegates meeting will be held in the Langmead suite at the same venue during the afternoon.

Dart Totnes Autumn Head

This year’s event will be held on Sunday 29th October.
Three divisions: 10:30; 13:00 and 14:30.

We are again inviting entries for Masters/Novice Eights. However, with boating time between divisions fairly restricted, it was felt that we could only offer a limited number of eights, and restrict them to division one. Should clubs wish to enter outside of the categories offered then please contact me by the closing date. If the limit of six boats has not been reached then you will be welcome to enter.

Please return completed entry forms to events@darttotnes.co.uk or by post to 3b Broad St., Modbury, PL21 0PS by 21st October latest.

Payment can be made by cheque to Dart Totnes ARC or by Bank transfer.
Our account details are as follows:

Sort code: 60-21-48
Account: 59157135

We hope you will join us for an exciting day's racing.

Many thanks
Kath Tooley
for Dart-Totnes ARC

New Coastal Boat for Paignton

The Paignton club have just acquired their second new racing boat of the year to add a valuable new addition to their wide range of equipment and which leaves the club as one of the best equipped clubs in the region - being able to offer rowing fine, gig, coastal and sea boats to their members.
The new coastal boat which has been purchased from Burgashell has been already been named 'Coastbusters' and cost in the region of £10,600, despite having to wait in 20 months since the boat was ordered. This particular type of sea boat is used by both the Hants and Dorset and Coast Rowing Associations and is much more stable than a river four and is therefore ideally suited for the conditions regularly found on Torbay.

Although naturally protected in Torbay the rowers can still only really get out and train in fine boats during westerly winds and anything that is easterly means no rowing and even when it is a bit choppy it would be ok for a coastal but far too rough for a fine boat, so with the new coastal boat the clubs juniors and seniors will be able to get out on the water on a more regular basis.
It is also the type of boat that is used at the South Coast Championships two years out of three and club officials feel the training for the senior crews in the new boat will be vital and could greatly improve the clubs chances at these regattas.

The club ordered the boat with in line seats as opposed to those with staggered seats to enable the craft to be rigged as a quad or sweep oared. Coaches at the club are planning on using it to teach new rowers sculling and sweep oar techniques and particularly junior rowers in the skills of sculling.
The club secured a grant specifically for this type of boat so that they could train younger rowers and although they used a FISA type coastal boat, similar to that rowed in northern France, but was so heavy their junior rowers couldn't launch it into the harbour. Thankfully the new coastal is light enough for four juniors to carry to the water - fully rigged. The boat was delivered to Paignton just prior to this year's South Coast Championships at Dorney Lake two weeks ago and a hurried christened the day before the regatta meant it could be used by the clubs senior crew, and in its very first outing the four were able to secure a win!

The decision by the Paignton club to purchase such a boat again brings into question the staging of races at the championships in the wider and heavier coastal boats. Whilst some clubs are a little reluctant to even consider competing in these type of racing craft, others are keen to progress with this type of format. Bideford Blues also have a new coastal boat and there are suggestions from some WEARA clubs that the region should consider staging the champs using these boats on the likes of Torbay and other open water locations.

South Coast Rowing Championships

The 2017 (61st) South Coast Rowing Championships & 12th Under 16 Regatta.
Dorney Lake. Eton. 2nd September, 2017.

E Bulletin. Number 11. Post Regatta. September, 2017.










Masters 50 Fours 1Christchurch 2 Bexhill, 3 Poole.
Ladies Masters Fours 1 Christchurch, 2 Southampton,3 BTC.
Men’s Junior Senior Fours 1 Shoreham, 2 Deal, 3 Ryde.
Men’s Senior Fours 1 Bexhill, 2 Southsea, 3 = Folkestone 3 = Coalporters.
Ladies Senior Fours 1 Poole, 2 Southsea 3 BTC.
Ladies Novice Fours 1 Poole, 2 Coalporters, 3 Herne Bay.
Men’s Novice Fours 1 Coalporters, 2 Worthing, 3 Southsea.
Ladies Junior Fours 1 BTC, 2 Coalporters, 3 Christchurch A.
Men’s Junior Fours 1 Shanklin, 2 Bexhill B, 3 Christchurch A.
Masters 40 Fours 1 Bexhill, 2 Poole / Ryde, 3 Lymington / Christchurch


Boys J16 2X 1 Dartmouth 2 Bournemouth 3 Christchurch.
Girls J14 1X 1 Dart Totnes (Burridge) 2 Itchen (Strong) 3 Shoreham (Watton).
Boys J16 C4X+ 1 Newport, 2 Poole 3 Ryde.
Girls J16 C4X+ 1 Lymington 2 Herne Bay 3 Deal.
Boys J14 4X+ 1 BTC 2 Dartmouth 3 Shoreham.
Boys J16 1X 1 Christchurch (Hewitt) 2 Torquay (Cleasby) 3 Greenback Falmouth (Thomas)
Girls J14 2X 1 Herne Bay 2 Itchen 3 Bideford Reds
Girls J16 4X+ 1 Dart Totnes 2 Castledore 3 Christchurch.
Boys J14 1X 1 Exeter 2 Dartmouth 3 Christchurch
Boys J16C 1X 1 Ryde A 2 Ryde B
Girls J16C 1X 1 Lymington 2 Deal.
Girls J16 2X 1 Christchurch 2 Shoreham 3 Dart Totnes
Girls J14 4X+ 1 Castledore 2 Shoreham 3 Bideford Reds
Boys J14 2X 1 Exeter 2 Itchen 3 BTC
Girls J16 1X 1 Exeter 2 Greenbank Falmouth (Brown) 3 Shoreham (Brown)
Boys J16 4X+ 1 Dartmouth 2 Christchurch 3 Bideford Blues

There was a total of 246 entries across the Championship, Senior and Junior Regatta’s which must be one of the largest entries ever at a South Coast Championships justifying the return to Dorney which did receive some criticisms. There were 35 entries in the Championship with both the H&DARA and CARA entering a full quota plus each Association invoked the Rule that allows an additional crew if one Association fails to make all their entries – WEARA having no entries in the Veteran Championships and only one in the Ladies Junior Championship Event. The H&DARA entered a 3rd Veteran crew and CARA a 3rd Junior Ladies crew as a result. There were 102 entries in the Senior event and 109 in the Junior Regatta – a total of 211.
The large entry, while very welcome, was of concern as it required a pact program of 31 events in the Championship and Senior Regatta and 30 in the Junior Regatta – and the need to utilise all seven available lanes on occasions - a very full days racing that started at 9.00am and finished at 6.30pm with just a short break between the two regatta’s. Scratchings led to some minor relief to the schedule – although a re-row after a dead heat in the Junior Regatta complicated matters. In spite of this and to the credit of the race Officials, Boat and Pontoon Marshals and the Clubs and competitors – the Junior Regatta started 1 minute early at 8:59 and finished on time at 12:30. The Senior Regatta started at 13:36 with the Veteran Championship race – following the cancellation of the Men’s Senior Heats through scratchings – against a planned race start time of 13:40 and the Regatta completed on time 18:27 – with the Men’s senior Fours Championship Race.

Maybe some duplication in the Championship & Senior events.
Southsea regarded as an H&D Club/Worthing as CARA.

A report on the Championship events - with thanks to John Bailey.
Hants & Dorset crews once again dominated the South Coast Championship Events held on the Olympic Rowing Course at Dorney Lake, Windsor on Saturday winning all but one of the six Championship Events.
The race for the Bideford Bowl Senior Fours Championship is always well contested and this year was no exception but, with Itchen Imperial unbeaten this season and with James Foad’s experience over this Olympic course rowing at three, there could be little doubt as to who the eventual winners would be. Leading from the start Itchen with M Wardell, L Williams, J Foad, W Harrison (Stk), E Bourke (Cox) moved ahead to dominate the race from start to finish, leaving BTC and Deal to decide second and third places and, to their credit, both gave it all they had with Deal just holding off a charging BTC as they crossed the finishing line four lengths behind the jubilant Itchen Imperial.
Championship racing started with Itchen Imperial, looking to retain the Masters Trophy for a third year, well place as the crews settled at 500 metres after the start but never quite looked to have their usual sharpness as both Folkestone with S Tupper, M Keller, S Harris, M Simmonds (Stk), S Lewis (Cox) and Poole started to ease ahead. At the halfway marker Itchen were fighting to maintain third place as Coalporters pressed and Poole and Folkestone pulled away. At 1750 Metres Folkestone held complete control with two lengths of clear water over Poole, while the Coalporters fought their private battle with Itchen Imperial, there was no doubt who the winners would be.

The Ladies Junior Championship saw Ryde with C Edmonds, K Whitehouse, L Murphy, C Murphy (Stk) E Pike (Cox) finish off a brilliant season with a dominant performance, stamping their authority on the race from the start they had the luxury of watching Shoreham, Itchen and Bideford Blues fighting for second and third places.
The Men’s Junior fours Championship race was well contested with Itchen, Bournemouth, Shoreham and Bideford Blues all looking strong. At the 750 metres mark Itchen with J Bigness, L O’Toole, J Cracknell, O Starkey (Stk), O Barnaby (Cox) started to move ahead as Bournemouth dropped off the pace as they tried to settle into their stride whilst Bideford Blues and Shoreham fought out their battle for third place. As they raced passed the 1000 metres marker Itchen had the race under control, moving a length clear of Bournemouth who now had more of an eye on Shoreham and Bideford Blues. At the line Itchen were well clear with Bournemouth now settling for second place as Shoreham pipped the Blues for third spot.
The Junior Senior Championship saw Shoreham and Christchurch the early leaders with BTC and Deal contesting third place. Christchurch looked to be in control as they watched BTC pass Deal at the halfway mark and Shoreham at the 1500 metres post. BTC were now threatening Christchurch for the lead at 1750 metres and Christchurch had no answer to BTC’s W Miller, C Hodson, R Binstead, A Ratcliffe (Stk), M Moody (Cox) controlled power as they eased past them with 200 metres remaining, eventually finishing with clear water between their boats.
Coalporters Senior Ladies Four unbeaten at domestic regattas this season set about this Championship final with an unstoppable determination. They moved into the lead from the start with Southampton and Worthing determined to stay in contention but, with Coalporters R Walczak, L Cruse, L Garth, E Bartlett, P Budd (Cox) in full flight is was always going to be a battle of limitation, Coalporters settled into their lead to watch Southampton, rowing their best race of the season, pass Worthing to finish second giving the Hants and Dorset first and second places.

Ref. Photos/Video/Times/Program.
The Event photographers at the event were - DE Photo.
Their photographs can be viewed and purchased from their site at -
Go to the site - "Search by Date" at the bottom of the page - click on "Find". Click on 2nd September, 2017 on the Calendar - and a list of events will be displayed on the Right Hand side. Scroll down to "South Coast Rowing Championships" and click on the arrow.This bulletin

Video hi-lights.
The link for the video highlights of the South Coast Championships from our media partners South Coast Journalism is :

Steve Bull.

2017 South Coast Rowing Championships Organising Committee.
Hants & Dorset Amateur Rowing Association.

WEARA Championship Regattas. 2017

With the final regatta of the season completed in fine weather at Dartmouth on Thursday 24th August the points tables are as follows:-

Bideford AAC Centenary Shield for four oared boats & quads:
Exeter RC 120 points
Bideford AAC 117.5 points
Castledore RC 92.5 points.

JJ Marketing Services Salver for single sculls:
Exeter RC 28 points
Plymouth ARC 19 points
Dart-Totnes ARC 18 points.

WEARA Offshore Rowing Events. 2017

The league racing during the 2017 racing season has been split into two series with the first four events being staged in April and May whilst the four Autumn events will commence on 2nd September and finish on 12th November. The split has been introduced to allow rowers from the clubs to compete in the West of England Championship events which run from the beginning of June through to late August. Unfortunately the Parson & Clerk Gallop event on 30th April was cancelled owing bad weather and re-scheduled for July.

The current standings after four races:
Ladies: Teign Scullers A 23 points, Exmouth A 21, Exmouth B 11.
Men: Exmouth A 21 points, Teign Scullers A 21, Mayflower A 15.
Masters: Mayflower A 22 points, Teign Scullers A 22, Exmouth A 16.
Mixed: Exmouth A 17 points, Mayflower A 15, Exmouth B 12.


28th. Exe Raid. Exmouth Estuary (Coastal 8k). Poster attached to events calendar.

11th. River Teign RC. Lead weigh8 Race.